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Thinking of short-term renting?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

How to Add Value to Your Airbnb: 3 Valuable Tips For Hosts

Airbnb hosts are often asked what valuable tips they could share that have made them successful. In this article, we will be giving you a few tricks to make your Airbnb an exciting and profitable one.

Many property owners are eager to enter into the Airbnb space because of its profitability, but not many think through the logistics beforehand. Here are a few tips and tricks to review before diving headfirst into your first hosting gig:

1. Allow for early check-ins and late check-outs, if possible

2. Gift local products and build relationships with local businesses

3. Allow safety first options to build a rapport with guests

Early Check-In/Late Check-out:

It's not always ideal to offer this option to guests, especially when you have a very structured cleaning routine. However, if a property has been changed over and there is no reason why guests cannot check-in an hour or so earlier, allow them. Sometimes your guests may get into town a little bit early and if your home is available there should be no reason why the home couldn't be opened up to them. This is not always so simple on check-out day, and that is easily explainable to guests since new guests may be checking in on the same day. However, offering that line of communication and the possibility of this is much appreciated by guests. This does mean though that the host or property manager needs to be in constant communication, as you need to be fielding these requests.

Go Local

Gifts go a long way in the short-term rental business. It may seem cheesy, but many people like to receive local products as gifts when they walk into the home. Team up with local shops or restaurants to feature artisanal cheese, wine, and crackers. But don’t forget about the personalized bottles of water if want people to remember the name of your Airbnb and leave those in the refrigerator for guests upon arrival. Another great idea is working with a local wine maker to make your own bottles of wine. This will help show that you're not just somebody sitting on the Internet renting out your home, but you are involved with local activities and working with local businesses. These partnerships will help you get discounts on these products you're already purchasing. It goes a long way for your guests upon arrival to see that you have thought of them, sometimes after a difficult day of travel. Becoming more personable ensures repeat guests.

Safety First

While most Airbnbs already have key-less entry available, not all hosts give an option to set your own pass-code upon arrival. Since some pass-codes are more than 4 digits in length, it is pertinent that you allow guests to be able to reset their pass-code that they can easily remember. This not only helps them by being able to easily access the home a easily remembered code for them and any other guests traveling with them, but it also helps hosts in case of a guest being locked out of the property. Guests already have to remember gate codes, bike locks and more. Make it simple for them to access entry into the home. Safety is also imperative for families with babies. Make sure any dangerous items are out of reach for children. A good idea is to invest in a childproofing company to give you a quote on items needed to prevent accidents. At the least, you can implement changes yourself and save money while making sure guests are safe.


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